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Flower Power is a specialist flower shop defined by its style and quality.

We have a professional team and a range of excellent floral products which offer quality, guarantee and competitive pricing. We work with both private individuals and businesses with a personalized assessment because we recognize that every client is special and individual.Whether you already know exactly what you require or if you need our advice don't hesitate to visit us so we can show you the surprising range of products we can offer our clientele.

Ask for an estimate, and if you haven't made a decision yet, let us advise you. We recognize the individuality of each customer therefore the service we provide is extremely personalized.

Antonia Madueño

Our experience has shown us that service & quality are what make our products stand out from our competitors'.
The 4 main reasons for our continued success are;

  • Effectiveness: We aim to find the best product for each client.

  • Experience: Our long professional experience means we are in an ideal position to advise you, resolving any doubts and carrying out your projects.

  • Service: Our clients are warmly received & given personalized attention, our objective is your satisfaction.

  • Diligence: Each consultation or order is dealt with as speedily as possible with the client kept informed at each stage of the process.